One of my favorite apps which I use the most is Apollo, which is an iOS client for Reddit. It is by far one of the most natural apps for Reddit on iOS, feeling like it was built directly within iOS with the similar design language and amazing user interface. It has many amazing features which make browsing Reddit an easier experience and more natural. Another awesome feature that I love is that you can change the feel of the app with the app icon, as well as some of the color schemes within the app.

Google Photos

For my photo library, I use Google Photos. This app is great because it automatically creates a backup of every single photo you take and immediately makes it available on any of your devices. This way, I have the peace of mind that my photo is immediately on a cloud somewhere, and then I can delete the local version from my phone to clear up space. It also was the first library to allow for people (and pet) recognition and place organization. A neat feature is that it also shows you throwbacks of photos from several years ago.


Adobe Scan

I still get a bunch of paper from classes, which can be sometimes hard to keep track of. I use Adobe Scan to create a digital copy of everything so that I can view it on any device I might be on at the time. I use this to also scan my notes and any worksheets that I have so that I don’t have to carry around a physical copy, and I can work on it directly on my iPad with the cloud version. For me, its much easier to organize digital files than physical ones.


Even though Apple has made efforts to improve the Notes app, my favorite one is Bear. I use it to write down any ideas that I have for writing something later, anything that happened on a specific day, or just notes in general. Again, this app was designed perfectly and feels natural to work with. I love how robust of a text editor it is, making it feel natural to type markdown in so I can then seamlessly transfer all my files to my laptop to be used or posted easily. It also has a bunch of cool themes that again change how the app feels, as well as export options that allow you to render your markdown into a PDF or HTML.

Email by Edison

The default Mail app doesn’t have the customizability for the workflow that I want on my phone. Instead, I use Email by Edison. It integrates well into iOS and has much more customizability than the stock app in terms of swiping, 3D Touch, and just how I interact with it. In addition, it also supports an ‘unsubscribe’ feature for update emails that you don’t want, as well smart categories that it places your emails into. All of these features are extremely handy and help me keep inbox zero at the end of every day despite the multitude of emails that I get.

Microsoft To Do

I used to use Wunderlist, but recently made the switch to Microsoft To Do. I mainly use this app because of the fact that it syncs across all my devices, and its clean design language. That way I am able to work on my iPad and check off my history assignment, and then go to my laptop and work on CS with the updated list of what I have to do. There are a lot of missing features that it has compared to Wunderlist, but I’m hoping that the continued development will introduce these desperately needed features sometime in the near future.


A great app that I don’t use a lot, but I appreciate is Otter. It is an app that will record voice memos and automatically transcribe and sync them online for you. It can be really good to record meetings or even lectures that you want to go through later. My favorite use case is for when I’m watching speaker talks and I want to go back and look through the transcription to take notes.