Jailbreaking my iPhone X reminds me of when I used to install custom ROMs on my Samsung S4 back in middle school. I ended up bricking the phone, which made my parents very unhappy. With the new Checkm8 exploit, my once untouchable iPhone X is permanently jailbreakable. So, I decided to do it. I used checkra1n to jailbreak my phone. I’m actually running a beta version of iOS 13, but putting the phone into recovery mode and then jailbreaking it worked without any hiccups.

After jailbreaking my iPhone, I wanted to make minimal changes – only addressing annoyances or adding small enhancements. I didn’t want to over clutter my phone with unnecessary features that I’d never use, or that would kill my battery. With that, here are the tweaks that I’ve installed onto my iPhone.

My iPhone Home
My iPhone Home

Core UI

Control Center

CCModules allows me to customize the control center layout. I changed it so that the Do Not Disturb button and the lock rotation buttons are on the bottom right. This makes them easily within thumbs reach, which is helpful because they are my most used shortcuts. I also removed the airplay widget because I rarely cast my screen to my Apple TV, and instead used the space with less frequently used shortcuts.

My Control Center
My Control Center


SmallSiri is an amazing tweak that pulls Siri out of her full screen UI and replaces it with a non-intrusive interface. This change in UI has actually made me use Siri more. This change also exists in the iOS 14 beta.

Siri Activated on Home Screen
Siri Activated on Home Screen

Apple Pay

Amandus is a UI tweak that also pulls Apple Pay out of its full screen page, and unobtrusively puts it on top of your screen. My only gripe with it is that it can sometimes be slow to engage. I’m hoping that this will get better with time and development.

Apple Pay Activated on Home Screen
Apple Pay Activated on Home Screen



Artemis is a tweak that enables a collection of core UI changes. I use it to make the aesthetic of the entire phone clean and minimal by:

  • Hide the name of each app on the homepage
  • Hide the FaceID lock icon on the lock screen
  • Hide the credit footer for weather and stocks at the bottom of widgets page
  • Hide the home bar on every screen
  • Hide the dock background
  • Hide the carrier name


The default music player on the lock screen takes up a lot of room and offers functionality that I don’t interact with, such as scrubbing. Sylph is a minimal music player that focuses only on the basic information that I use and takes up a lot less room.

Sylph Music Player on lock screen
Sylph Music Player on lock screen


I only have three folders on my phone, but I still want them to be pretty. I don’t like the UI that Apple has made – it makes me feel too detached from the home page. Using Folded, I made the background of the folders transparent and hide the folder title so that the folder appears as an overlay on top of the home screen.


Automatic Unlock

One of the most annoying things for me is having to swipe up to reach the home page, even after the phone has unlocked. With AutoUnlockX, your iPhone will take you straight to the home page as soon as FaceID recognizes you. This makes it much quicker, and an improved experience than the default. It also has settings so that it won’t auto unlock if there are notifications, or if there is music playing. There is also the handy feature that if it fails for the first time, it will automatically retry after a set delay.


I like to incorporate emojis when texting and having it accessible is quite the luxury. With iOS default implementation, choosing an emoji hides behind a button. With Barmoji, my most used emojis are always accessible under the keyboard in a single press.

iPhone keyboard
iPhone keyboard

Do Not Disturb

When enabling Do Not Disturb, there is a banner that sits in the notification center. This is annoying and takes up unnecessary space. I hide it using the nodndbanner tweak.

Airpods Noise Canceling

I love my AirPods Pro, but it’s difficult to quickly switch to Transparency mode when somebody is trying to talk to me . Banana is the tweak I never knew I needed - when pausing music, it will automatically put your AirPods into transparency mode, and when it starts playing it again, resume noise canceling.


I hate the default notification center from Apple – it makes it super difficult to clear notifications. NPurge makes it super easy to dismiss all notifications by dragging the notification center down. I use this at least fifty times a day, and it makes my life a lot less cluttered.