In this post I’ll talk about some of my favorite apps that I use on macOS.


CleanMyMac is an amazing mac utility that will help keep your mac healthy and in order.


The main feature of this app is its Smart Cleanup feature, which intelligently goes through each and every corner of the computer to clean out huge amounts of storage. I remember the first time I ran this (I think it came out only a week earlier), and I saved 30 gigs on the first run. It has some other cool features, but cleaning space is mainly what I use it for.


If you’ve used a Mac, then you’ve probably heard of the Spotlight alternative Alfred. This is a simple app that makes it a little bit quicker to access what I want exactly when I want it.


There are certain prefixes that you include with each search that will help narrow down the results drastically, so that you can quickly select what you want. For example, o [file_name] will open the file name, whereas maps [place] will search Google Maps for a place. The best part is that everything is configurable, so you can customize Alfred based on how you use it.


As a student, one of the best productivity apps I’ve come across is Dropbox.


Of course I appreciate the “syncing across all devices” thing, which at this point has become somewhat standard (but still extremely useful) in today’s online storage services.

However, one of the features that I use all the time is the ability to quickly create a link and share it with anyone so they have view access to the file. All I have to do is right click the file in Finder, and its already copied to the clipboard.

The second and most important feature that I love is its version history for each file. Because Dropbox continues to sync as you work, it saves various versions of your work, and keeps all of these states available for you to look through whenever you need to. This way, if you ever wish to go back to a version of a file you had before, Dropbox has it already taken care of.

Google Backup and Sync

As a photographer who is too scared to delete any RAW file I take, I have a couple of different external harddrives. Backup and Sync by Google is a really easy way for me to backup the entire harddrive to Google Drive.


All I have to do is plug in the harddrive, and select the directory to sync it to on Google Drive. From there, I can literally leave it plugged in until its done syncing, then unplug it. The next time I plug it in and make any changes, Backup and Sync will automatically take care of it. For me, this was the easiest way to back up multiple terabytes to the cloud.


Dockey is an app that changes how you interact with your dock. I prefer to hide my dock because it takes up a lot of space on my screen, and I mostly end up using Spotlight or Alfred anyways. So, I prefer to hide it. Dockey allows me to change the animation at which my dock shows, so it seems much snappier than the default animation speed.



If you read about my mac setup, you’ll remember how I use Vanilla to hide the non-essential icons in my menu bar.


It works like a charm. If you have the premium version, you can unlock certain useful features, such as auto-hiding after 5 seconds. You don’t even have to pay for it - all you have to do is have a few of your friends download it through an affiliate link and then you can get the premium version. This is an amazing app that I didn’t know I needed.


Veeer is a window manager for macOS, which is actually incredible. I’ve tried many window management solutions, and this by far has been one of the best. You are able to customize shortcuts to automatically arrange your windows. This makes it convenient when handling many windows as you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard.



uBar is a dock replacement app for macOS. I only recently have started using it, but the main reason that I love it is because I am able to have both the menu bar and dock items in one bar, so that I don’t have a bar on the top and bottom of the screen. This is great for me because it consolidates where I have to go to open or organize things.

In addition, there are really amazing features that the default dock don’t offer, such as window previews and progress monitoring for apps (such as music with Spotify).


High Sierra Media Key Enabler

This app is less of an app, and more of a utility. All High Sierra Media Key Enabler does is set a priority app to respond to your media keys. To be specific, when you have no media application open, pressing the play/pause button will open up iTunes. But as a Spotify user, I’d rather have Spotify open. With this utility, I can set priority to Spotify, so that Spotify opens instead of iTunes.



Numi is my favorite calculator app for macOS. It fits the light and dark themes perfectly, and has great natural language functionality when converting units, or even just doing simple calculations.